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But Karen’s story arc this season, though brief, is not meaningless, for it leads to this week’s first of Three Questions.While Karen’s murder does save us from having to hear Chad Coleman’s full repertoire of Frank Sinatra songs, it got me wondering — and not just about who has the strength and suicidal gumption to drag two plague-infested adults out and set them on fire in broad daylight without anyone noticing.At least this new wrinkle will give them something to do next episode. OK, this one might be wishful thinking, but after this episode’s father/son confessional moment, in which Carl spilled the beans to his dad about Carol’s questionable school curriculum, it seems like the writing staff has pulled Carl back from the dark side for the moment.

Queuing the mournful string section while Rick sacrifices his disease-ridden swine to draw zombies away and forestall the collapse of vital chain-link fencing seems a little — sorry, I have to — ham-handed.

Frankly, the new Bambi-eyed additions to the cast could learn a thing or two from Beth and her novel coping strategies: Even within the secure confines of your concrete paradise, you’ve got to get busy living or get busy dying.

Don’t get too attached, but don’t let what passes for love slip away.

Sure, who can’t relate to thinking you’ve finally found your soul mate, only to watch him or her degenerate into a ragged, mindless shell of a former human self whose only motivation is the next meal?

But imagine all the other challenges of post-zombie-apocalypse dating!


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