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In the late 1960’s, B&B was acquired by Standard Packaging, which was in turn acquired by Saxon Industries in 1970. based in Brooklyn, NY (1920-1933) since 1925, under leadership of NYCC (USPC) in 1929, Brooklyn plant was dismantled in 1933, the corporation was finally dissolved Gibson Playing Card Co.

based in Cincinnati, OH & New York, NY (1925-1940's) Paul-Son Playing Cards, Inc.

At the end of the event you write down the names of people you’d like to see again.

You hand in your card and the next day your emailed your matches.

Remember, it is more about whoyou are than what you do for a living. Oh, and I love sun-bathing and doing nothing on vacation.”)9. How much can you learn about a person in only a few minutes? Havesome key questions prepared that will provide answers to your most important requirements in apartner. Your truth is that you use technology but aren’t all that interested in ‘the latest and greatest,’ but you decide to say, ‘Yeah, technology is cool!As you can see from the discussion of card codes, there can be an interaction between those and the acquisition of a particular company by the USPCC.Russell & Morgan based in Cincinnati, OH (1881-1894) from 1881-1885 named "Russell & Morgan Co." from 1885-1891 named "Russell & Morgan Printing Co." from 1891-1894 named "The United States Printing Co." since 1894 named "The United States Playing Card Co." from 1894-1925, Ace of Spades often read "U. Playing Card Co., Russell & Morgan Factories" Andrew Dougherty based in New York, NY (1848-1930) from 1907-1930, was a separate part of USPC in 1930, was merged into Consolidated Dougherty Co.The letter code is as follows: The main playing card manufacturers in the United States are shown below.These can be helpful in dating decks of cards, though it must be kept in mind that company names continued to be used even after mergers and acquisitions.Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors.


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