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Her most recent assignment was a good example of her unusual lifestyle. Read On Added: | Category: Bisexual | Words: 2,011 | Tags: nurse panties uniform anal masturbation bisexual interracial After the girl is brought in shame to the Dean's office, she discovers her ordeal is only beginning As Susie strode out of the library, grinning like the cat who is about to get the cream, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the girl scramble to her feet, roughly hitching up her knickers and tugging her skirt down.

Her face burned with embarrassment as she picked up her bag and followed her back to her office.

The top of the gown barely covers her ample breasts. Kimmi is a petite young woman with expressive big blue eyes, full kissable lips, and brown hair that had been kissed by...

Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 962 | Tags: spanking oral sex sexy santa | 2 Comments It was already too late, so she pushed her ass up high and took all he had to give.

Sex is a thrilling part of my life and I love writing sensual, seductive erotic...

Read On Added: | Category: Seduction | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,693 | Tags: unannounced visit good friends seduction oral sex intercourse | 4 Comments My mom and stepmom compete against each other even in the bedroom.

My name is Sara, I’m twenty-eight, single, brunette, brown eyes, pretty face, shapely figure.

They always wanted to outdo each other in whatever they did and telling by the first day, it seemed that showing off their bodies was their target for the week. Read On Added: | Category: Incest | Avg Score: 4.86 | Words: 2,924 | Tags: mom stepmom son taboo oral blowjob creampie | 2 Comments Santa pays a visit to Kimmi ... It is a snowy, cold Christmas Eve and Kimmi snuggles under the covers. It is a red see-through short gown with soft, white fur trim.

The bell rang, signaling the end of another school day.

My students hurried out leaving me alone in my class room, same as I have done for the last fifteen years.

Opening the garage door, I pulled out the lawn mower and started on the backyard.

By the time I had finished, Mackenzie (Mac) for short had composed herself and was drinking a cup of coffee. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.93 | Words: 3,235 | Tags: cheating neighbor strip tease rimming oral sex anal pla | 12 Comments Teacher becomes the advisor to the chess club.


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