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Even since the end of Scrubs, we've caught glimpses of their beautiful relationship at events and on social media.

We'd like to seize the moment to remind you of Zach and Donald's adorable pool picture on Martin Luther King Jr.

“A movie that changed the way young adults saw the world,” as one fan wrote, it spawned the word “Braffian” online. You could pick any number of adjectives: sensitive, soulful, wry, poetic.

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Braff has just finished playing the lead on stage in New York in a musical version of Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway.He seems a better fit for the role than John Cusack, who played it in the 1994 film.Whether or not you like Braff’s brand of sincere sentiment, he plays the nebbish Everyman like few others.Day, Zach's brilliant tweet about catering gay weddings with Donald, and that epic spoof of Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover. Keep reading to see why Zach and Donald's bromance rivals any other in existence.It seems almost impossible to believe that Zach Braff is “pushing 40 next April”, as he puts it.So I realised I had to, whether I wanted to or not, launch a year-long campaign correcting a lot of the misinformation... fall in love with the woman who I want to be my baby-mama!


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