Validating minority cultures in public education Camming xxx

I’m just adding pieces that these these kids can relate to, or that they see themselves in.”Since being recognized as a finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year, Stadem joked, nobody doubts her methods anymore.But she’s under no illusion that her colleagues of color across the state will be able to piggyback on her success.In part, this lack of representation is the very thing that compelled her to pursue her teaching license.But even with the professional training under her belt, she’s very aware of its limitations as she works to develop a Hmong curriculum for the dual language program at Phalen Lake Hmong Studies Magnet school in the St.

Four 2017 Minnesota Teacher of the Year finalists of color spoke about their own experiences overcoming barriers in an education system that “was never intended for racial diversity,” as finalist Adrian Davis put it.Davis, a music teacher at Roosevelt High School in the Minneapolis Public Schools district, says he grew up in a musical family and always knew his passion for music would influence his career decisions.But he credits having music teachers of color, while growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, with planting the seed in his mind that education was a path he could pursue.“I think I can say it, at a conference like this, that I had a teacher that was effective, as far as pedagogy, but that also looked like me.That was a major influence for me to go into music education,” he said.Getting started, however, Davis says he had to surmount some unique challenges in a teacher preparation system — both in Memphis and in Minnesota — that end up deterring many potential teachers of color.“Many of us went through teacher ed programs that were not culturally relevant at all,” he said.But even then, she found that her colleagues and supervisors would still doubt her methods, even as student outcomes improved. And you don’t have to wonder like if I’ve got some special brown people wand that I’m waving around.


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