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I have seen the sonicview 8000 product and has a very mature software and has all the problems that the viewsat 9000 has solved. A few satellite companies such as bell and dishnet is testing mpg4 channels to make space to add more and more channels to the exisiting satellites.

I believe that bell and dishnet has started selling their own branded receiver that is capable of mpg4 and 8psk.

I am not so familiar with all the providers, so if anyone want to add to help out other RFD members. Satellite dishes Well there is a couple kinds of dishes. There are satellites on a motor, so basically its a dish that can move from one position to another, I am not quite familiar with these, but know they are quite popular because of the number of dish you put on your house and the number of channels you can get with them.

I've been getting quite a few questions around here about FTA.

In other threads other people have started, I did see please do not mention or ask about how to steal satellite signal in this thread.

for example, you can catch either 82,91 or 110,119, or 110,119,129 or 82,91,110,119 with the same dish.

The most common size for an elliptical dish is 24" and the largest I've seen is 33".


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