Sikhism and dating

The important thing is to remember God for all the blessings He has given.

“O my companion, I have prepared everything: make-up, garlands and betel-leaves.

Some Sikhs who want to take Amrit feel that taking Amrit is the last step in spiritual evolution and that we should be perfect before we take it. It does not matter how many mistakes we make in our journey of life so long as we learn from them and keep walking in the right direction.

This is incorrect because living as a Sikh requires a commitment to improve yourself and your community throughout your life.

It may be that the individual’s potential partner is slowly wanting to follow a spiritual lifestyle, so marrying a non-Amritdhari would be an excellent way of helping another soul with their spiritual evolution to become a devotee of God.

The debate about eating food on chairs or eating on the floor is something that was started by Indian Sikhs and is a good example of a trivial, non-important issue.

Also, Sikhs should never forget that all wealth, property and riches belong to God.

(Guru Granth Sahib, p.15) Some Amritdhari Sikhs feel that it is inappropriate go on a date and that is an acceptable position to take at a personal level.


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