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Katie visited a Muslim marriage bureau where young single Muslims will go to find a date.She was tasked with chaperoning a date between two young people and awkwardly sat and watched as they got to know each other.There are plenty of dirty-girls available to you from the Dirty Flix discount offer.At just .99 per month you can watch daily updates of raunchy teen porn all year long.I wouldn't want to sit next to them because I'd automatically assume they're going to blow something up.'Katie took part in the experiment in a bid to learn how it feels to be a Muslim in modern Britain, in an age of terrorist attacks and rising instances of anti-Muslim hate crimes.The programme previously drew criticism online after it emerged before it aired that Katie would be given a makeover to look Pakistani; a process that involved darkening her skin and wearing a false nose and teeth.

The documentary shows Katie and Saima watching the news about the attack unfold on TV together, as Katie found herself wanting to pull out of the experiment for her own safety for fear of being attacked.

I just don't understand why they feel the need to do that.

'They're both young attractive people, what's wrong with the good old fashioned way?

It would be relentless.'At the beginning of the documentary Katie admitted her prejudices about Muslims, confessing that she had once left a shop because her daughter was left 'frightened' when a woman wearing a burka entered.

She said at the start: 'Banning the headdresses and burkas, I think it would make a lot of people feel a lot happier, a lot safer.


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