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The 25-year-old was arrested at an apartment in the city of Curitiba, 200 miles south of Sao Paulo where she lived with her husband and two-year old son and kept her life of crime hidden, according to police.”The woman left her comfortable life in Curitiba to travel to Sao Paulo to commit crimes.My thoughts on this type of intervention are twofold.On the one hand, and to give it the benefit of the doubt, the museum aimed to legitimize the favela and the life of its residents, by trying to open and display the settlement open to the rest of the city.Today the port is unused in its great majority, many of the structures used for large events, such as the UN Urban Forum, which took place at the end of March.The idea behind Porto Maravilha is to create a type of Puerto Madeiro (Buenos Aires), only it would be around 10 times larger!Today, the favela holds close to 5000 people (although the entire Morro da Providencia– including the “formal area”- holds about 13000 people total).

I can’t help but think of Las Peñas in Guayaquil, where small paths, stairs and plazas, as well as the facades of the surrounding houses were renovated and painted in order to beautify the city and attract more tourism in the area.

One of the women arrested reportedly went by the code-name “Bonnie” while the male coordinator called himself “Clyde” - a reference to the famous husband and wife outlaws of 1930s America.

In fact “Bonnie”, who was named by police as Carina Vendramini, is suspected of living a double life using her criminal activities to fund her love of designer clothes.

As I mentioned previously, I was able to visit the favela thanks to a local photographer and community leader Mauricio Hora (as well as organizer of FAVELARTE).

Mauricio was kind enough to tell me when I could take photographs and when I had to hide my small digital camera due to the presence of the police or the drug dealers in the favela.


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