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You receive a call or a letter from a charitable organization telling you exactly where to transfer money.Be sure to never send money to people or organizations that you don’t know.

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Scammers will try hard to manipulate you into turning over property and/or money, which can leave your checking account or entire life savings wiped out within minutes. The Guaranteed Loan Are you sending money because you were "guaranteed" a credit or loan? It is highly unlikely that you would ever need to send money in order to receive a true credit or loan.All remittances processed by Ria are screened with enhanced controls to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.It is Ria's policy to follow both the letter and spirit of the law and regulations.You found the car you want at a much lower price than what your local dealership is willing to offer.You contact the seller and he/she tells you to send either a down payment and/or the service fees for the application loan through a money transfer so you can avoid sales tax and get a better rate. Do not send a down payment or service fees via a money transfer.You think about how you’ve needed a new refrigerator for some time and decide to take the plunge. Sure, you’re a little skeptical because you’re buying it from a stranger and even stranger yet — they’ve asked you to transfer money to them for the purchase.


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