Praying for a dating relationship

Prayer also has to become important enough to you that you set aside time to pray each and every day.

If you are just praying to mark “prayer” off our religious to do list, well then your prayers aren’t going to accomplish much. ” I think you need to stop and consider some of the potential consequences of your girlfriend maturing in her faith.

If you are not leading your girlfriend spiritually it is your responsibility to stop dating until you are spiritually mature enough to lead.

How do you go about leading your girlfriend spiritually? I don’t mean some wimpy little prayer that many people like to pray: “God, I would just like to ask that You will just be with my girlfriend and just grow her spiritually…” I am afraid that such a prayer isn’t going to do too much.

It could freak her out because she might think you rushing things.You need to pray for her during your quiet time of prayer, but you also need to hold her hand and ask God to bless and guide her.She needs to hear this because she needs to know that you want God’s will for her no matter what happens in your relationship.When it comes to praying for your girlfriends you have to answer the question: “Do I want my girlfriend to grow in her relationship with God? Your prayers will be more effective when you can honestly say, “God whatever Your will is I surrender my life to it.” Remember your will is not always the same as God’s will, that is why one of the purposes of prayer is to help people align their wills with God’s will.When it comes to praying for your girlfriend, I think it is important to remember that you need to pray for them with them.Many of us carry the scars and broken hearts of dating relationships gone bad.


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