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Served almost until close (3am) Thursday to Saturday, Nouveau Palais's midnight menu includes cheese fries, pierogies, and cheeseburgers, all of which are deliciously comforting.

So if you and your date are more into Now, if burgers and pierogies aren't your thing (which confuses me, but hey, maybe you're ritzy like that) then French restaurant Leméac is another solid late night meal spot.

Facebook Okay, so I know I said I'd refrain from putting bars on the list, but Nouveaus Palais deserves a spot not so much for its drink menu, but more for its late-night menu, which is straight up delicious.

About a week ago, when walking through Parc La Fontaine on my way to my man's place, I spotted a couple skating on the frozen lake.

It was a little past midnight, they were completely alone on the ice, and it looked like the most romantic thing ever.

An official lineup of events hasn't been posted yet, but you can usually expect a plethora of art on display in the underground city along with tons of activation in bars and popular venues.

And with the metro running all night, it isn't hard to do get around the city and party all night on Nuit Blanche.


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