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She has travelled through Europe and once spent two months in France.

Leana wanted to be a part of the Citizens' Assembly because she "felt it was important to be part of something that would have so much impact...

» Back to top Karl Cadera came to Canada from Germany in 1955 and grew up in Windsor; he now lives in Barrie and often visits his brother in Seattle.

Karl and his wife Susan have three sons and two grandchildren.

He believes the Assembly is a "once in a lifetime experience" and wants to "get more involved in Ontario's community." When he is not busy with work – a Team Leader with a major bank downtown – Mappanar enjoys music, reading and spending time with his family.

He has served as captain of the community's volunteer fire department for 12 years and is actively involved as an executive on the Cottager's Association for his area.

He enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing and the cottage life.

This page features information about each Assembly member and the region in Ontario they represent.

More information is available about the member selection process in the Selection Process and in FAQ categories.


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