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Belfast Telegraph As if there wasn't enough to worry about with dire forebodings and angry divisions over Brexit, massive rows about abortion will be a major distraction on our island for the first few months of next year.You're obsessed with Gerry Adams: that's what Sinn Fein supporters tell me on social media in unison, with great frequency and with different spins on the message, varying from my secretly fancying him to being a monomaniacal saddo.I was thinking of them this weekend when people from all around Ireland and some from further afield tried to wrestle with such difficult questions as why Protestants in west Cork were murdered, threatened, attacked and intimidated by the IRA during what is called the War of Independence, Cogadh na Saoirse, or the Anglo-Irish war of 1921-2.But present was also the tiny contingent of the antagonistic, a few men whose response to people saying what is not the received Sinn Fein view on anything was to deliver lengthy rants that had the vast majority of the audience applauding loudly when they were asked to shut up.There's also a big difference between enjoying dressing in women's clothes and actually feeling like you're a woman trapped in the wrong body.From reading your Email, I get the feeling you treat this as your dirty little secret. There's nothing wrong with what you're doing, you're not harming anybody.

You can enjoy cross-dressing without being gay, or without being transgender.Like him, I love both countries and there are many Irish people living and working in the United Kingdom who feel the same way.We think mutual respect and good manners are preferable to antagonism or conflict.You might think that having 200 people making their irritation and distaste for their words and their manner very clear was a bit humiliating, but clearly not if you’re a local Sinn Fein councillor who sees antagonism as an end in itself. ” “I tried my hardest to mess up a discussion between Irish people trying honestly to understand their history, son, and at the end I succeeded in annoying almost everyone.” “And how did that help our fight for Irish freedom, Daddy? We work hard to close down free debate and impose on everyone the MOPE (Most Oppressed People Ever) version of Irish history people have impertinently been challenging.” The senator is smarter than the small group of Cork MOPE guerrillas, who merely repeat ad nauseum wherever they are the old, old story about wicked Brits and heroic Gaels.He’s on top of modern technology, and, as a senior officer in the Sinn Fein thought-police, is ready to take issue with a word or a concept anywhere that meets his disapproval.Mr Clark’s excellent Irish, his courtesy and his inconvenient truths about Royal Irish Regiment recruits from the Republic seemed to lessen Mr O Donnghaile’s enthusiasm for further debate, so he accepted the invitation to a chat and some tea.


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