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She began her career by appearing as Colleen Carlton on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, on which she starred between 20. (English) Pretty Verawonder is recovering the hospital with a broken leg when the night nurse with a thing for soft ticklish soles and very long toes moves from giving the patient a surprise foot worship session to tonguing her tongue to her honeypot in an equally sensuous pussy worship session -- but Not before warming each other up thought.

She eye's Delia's casted foot propped up on the table while Delia sits nervously self-consciously trying to ignore the focused attention on her dirty toes and is noticeably disturbed a she paws at them.Before she leaves she does a little toe massage on both of Darcia's feet and then departs.Shot from all angles with some very nice shots of Darcia's cute little feet and wiggly toes.So the head night nurse comes in with a mission, she's had a lot of staff complaints and she knows how to deal with unruly patients in Darcia's condition with a carrot and stick approach.When she comes in to the room she stands by the foot of Darcia's bed and starts teasing her exposed toes with her fingers.It's getting colder as well and that's another thing to worry about!


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