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When I signed up, I thought it was only going to cost .99 for 3 months.When I got to the end they wanted to charge another fee, I think for processing or something. Later I got an e-mail telling me that the fee was dropped.I'm very please with her and was very comfortable sitting and talking.

I noticed that you noticed me :) Now lets talk." I got my hopes up thinking that I was actually communicating with a real person so I joined.

Fortunately I work in a field where I am trained to spot a scam but he had no idea so I played along until he went to ' Dubai' to buy jewels to open a jewelry store.

That's when he needed a new IPhone and laptop.

No such luck, it wasn't sent by a human being, it was just an automated response that gets sent out every time you send a "like". They took advantage of the fact that I wanted to meet someone, and swindled a few bucks out of me. If they're willing to do that, it makes you wonder what else on the site is fake.

Frustrating that anyone and everyone can message you.


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