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Growney uses a slightly different statement of the Collatz Problem; in her version, Suppose a general store — items with unknown values and arbitrary prices, rounded for ease to whole-dollar amounts.

Each day Madame X, keeper of the emporium, raises or lowers each price — exceptional bargains and anti-bargains.

And is it just a coincidence that ELEVEN TWO = TWELVE ONE? then I checked to make sure that I wasn’t bleeding, either. A couple of hours later, we went to pick up his twin brother Eli at school, and Miss Vanessa at after-school care told me that Eli had an accident. With twin boys, I suspect that there will be similar coincidences in the future. To check out some truly random statistical coincidences, click on over to

“He fell and hurt his knee,” she said, “and there was blood everywhere.” Blood? For instance, I suspect that I will one day receive a call saying that both boys were caught in a co-ed dorm after curfew. The following joke is based on a fun math coincidence.

(Be careful; there are cheaper versions of this item that are only decorative.

They won’t open bottles.) Okay, sure, this hard-copy volume has “a lot of doodles, notes, and puzzles in the margins,” but, really, you’re paying for a bunch of comics that are available for free at xkcd.

I’m a math guy, so I know that most coincidences are nothing more than people making a big deal out of something that, in fact, is quite likely.

I’m not impressed when two people at a cocktail party have the same birthday or when nearly 30% of the people at that same party have a street address that begins with the digit 1. The probability that the number they accidentally printed on June 27, 2000, which was 6-8-5-5, would actually win the Pick 4 game the following day was 1/10,000.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the occurrence of 1,000,000 shouldn’t impress me more than the appearance of, say, 8,398,176 or 3,763,985.What’s more, the math geek on your list has already read all of these comics! Please call 1-877-NOT-GEEK, and we’ll revoke her license immediately.) Want a book your math geek will really love? (Okay, that was even too shameless for me.) Infinity Symbol Cuff Links Need a synonym for is odd.The Collatz Conjecture states that no matter what number you start with, the sequence will eventually reach 1.The fact is, I've had problems with landlords before.I've toured an apartment where the floor sloped at a thirty-degree angle, and all I could think about was how fast I could sign the lease.Acme’s Klein Bottle Wine Bottle You can take my word that this is a bad gift, or you can listen to the designer.


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