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Social blindness is a significant problem for people on the autism spectrum.

While children with Aspergers are able to use language for basic communication, they have difficulty processing social cues, both verbal and nonverbal.

Infants or toddlers may have the following signs: Some children with autism tantrum easily for no apparent reason and this may have something to do with their inability to communicate effectively.

According to a study by Dominick et al., mentioned on the Autism Help website, tantrums were found in 2/3 of the participants and 1/3 of them had language impairments.

Behavior can tell you a lot about a child, especially one who has autism.

Autistic children share many of the same behavioral characteristics, making it possible to attribute them to the disorder.

Armed with research and common sense, you'll make the right decision for your child.

Communication is a problem for children on the spectrum and this includes more than being a "late talker." Children on the spectrum may not engage in natural communication that is apparent in typical children.

Learning is also an area where children can demonstrate characteristically autistic behavior.

According to the Autism Help website, parents typically notice behavioral signs of autism in their child by age two.

A glaring trait of many people on the autism spectrum is difficulty with sensory processing.

Nearly everyone can relate to feeling physically uncomfortable due to sensory input.


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