Dating scam baiting

But I do not believe an organization like should black mail a candidate and lure them to purchase their CV builder to get for a job.

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Reputed media companies in Dubai should be careful while accepting ads from such Online Websites. Guess what have I found more than 20 fake websites with the keywords "" and "reviews" or similar, as a way of diverting searchers away from legitimate reviews like this one Plus, please everyone, when you find a recruiting company that takes money to place candidates - then this must be a clear scam!

So two days back I did personally called at the head office of Jobs in Dubai which is in Canada, Mississauga near to some famous city called Toronto.

I talk to one of the Account Manager…not remember the Name for now but any ways after a long discussion on the phone, I got to know, how their process works.

We tried sending out the resumes before, but it doesn't work like that now.

We don't know how many staff are getting hired, and even now it's really hard with employers not getting back to us.” If they do not know who is getting hired - how does their entire refund process work????


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