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Stanzas described in the subsections below MUST be archived by the server. Roster items with rooms MUST belong to the group "urn:xmpp:muclight:0" (MUC Light namespace) and include This section defines the rules for archiving MUC Light events and messages. Operations not described here SHOULD remain unmodified.

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The client is allowed to send config delta in a form. Setting room configuration The service MUST send affiliation change notification to all participants. Changing occupant list MUC Light service may be abused by malicious users, e.g.

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However, the Division of Online and Continuing Education reserves the right to implement new rules and regulations and to make changes of any nature in its program, calendar, locations, tuition, and fees.

The MUST include "from" attribute and MUST NOT include "to" attribute. In case of regular groupchat messages, "from" attribute MUST consist of a room full JID with sender bare JID in the resource part. create event, "from" MUST be equal to room bare JID. Archive can be fetched only from a specific room, the client MUST NOT query MUC Light service directly.

The stanzas not included here MUST NOT be archived.


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