Boyfriend still on dating website

I created this 4 step formula after working with many girls.

This plan not only helped me but also helped many girls who work with it.

Men love a damsel in distress, but only if you play the part in the right manner.

Make him feel like a man, but don’t always go trailing him for help.

[Read: Why men like a chase to stay in love] #8 Display PDA.

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There’s a thin red line between sacrificing and suffering in a relationship. Let’s talk about pleasing your man with appearances first.If you’re always with him or he finds you available all the time, he’ll only take you for granted. [Read: Top 50 clean and kinky ideas to try in bed] #6 Be a smart girl.Be aware of the world around you, be it on the news or in current affairs.However, before I share my plan, I think it is important to share something that saved my relationship.When my boyfriend left me, I got in depression for such a long time.If you ever feel like he’s taking you lightly, put him in place.


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