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Believing Brittany to be her child, Alice took her with the help of Rodrigo, who then took the child to stay at his mother’s house.

Their plan was to keep Brittany there while Alice framed Ronnie for the crime, after which they would go be with their child.

The stars of the film, Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Rachel Mc Adams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert, were dressed like true Plastics in heels and high-end threads for the reunion. When Seyfried got the part of Karen Smith, she was just relieved to have any role in the film. “They, like, pinned a piece of a cocktail wiener into her bra,” Mc Adams said. It was very effective.” See video: Amy Poehler's ' Parks & Recreation' Finale Fantasy Includes Lighting the Set on Fire 5.

The women then sat down to share stories about what went down on the set, including never-before-revealed details about the movie. Mariah Carey loves “Mean Girls” and tells Lindsay Lohan about it all the time “Mariah and I have the same makeup artist,” Lohan said.

While the couple are arguing about couches their daughter goes missing, prompting panic.

The two detectives assigned to the case that come to visit the parents include detective Nancy Porter, who worked on the Fuller/Manning case, which still haunts and traumatizes her.

In September 1991, two hikers exploring the Otztal Alps discovered a corpse buried in the ice.

Tina Fey had to be convinced that Lindsay Lohan was right for the part of Cady “At some point I was like, “Oh, should Lindsay be Regina? “And then Mark and Lorne [Michaels] had the good sense to say, ‘No, she gets to turn into Regina.’ You work backward from that and you cast her as Cady, knowing she could get to that point of being Regina, but you let her be the innocent side, too.” 4.In the present Ronnie is working at a bagel shop in town, while Alice spends most of her days apparently aimlessly walking around town eating junk food, but lying and telling her mother she is searching for employment as per her request.Alice also secretly dreams of finding validation through reality TV stardom, and is shown several times practicing a speech about being a "victim" of the justice system.According to Helen, Alice remained fixated on her child, obsessing over it endlessly.In an attempt to placate Alice, Helen lied to her, saying that she had seen her child living with a family in a nice part of town. Follow the investigation as scientists pull clues from one of the oldest preserved corpses on the planet and reveal the secrets of his life and the enigmatic Neolithic period he came from.


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